Level 2: MTP Specialist (Data Storage)

Below are details of the skills that must be demonstrated in the examination in order to succeed at this level, and the prerequisite education and/or experience expected.


The examination will be conducted over one day in invigilated test conditions. The disciplines and knowledge tested will comprise:

Skills demonstrated

In order to qualify at this stage candidates will be expected to:

demonstrate an understanding of z/OS Data Storage software by:

demonstrate an ability to write & test ACS routines by:

demonstrate an understanding of the data storage hardware features & management by:

(optional) demonstrate an ability to use USS by answering questions on:

(optional) demonstrate the ability to maintain an HSM environment by answering questions on:

Prerequisite knowledge/experience

Candidates for the Level 2 Mainframe Technology Professional (Data Storage) certification will be expected to have at least three years of experience in a mainframe-based data centre and will have Level 1 Mainframe Technology Professional certification, or have the equivalent experience.